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"One of the best things about this book, beyond the helpful hints, is that the author is funny, very funny. She is candid, tells it like it is, and inserts humor that helps keep the pages turning."-Feathered Quill Book Reviews


This witty, light book takes a fresh spin on all the mistakes we make everyday that end up costing us big in our wallets, our health, our homes, and beyond. Topics covered are Yourself (appearance, skills, all things you), Your Home, Your Cooking, Your Money, Your Relationships & Family, and Your Health. This perfect combination of humor and wisdom entertains readers as they learn how to make their lives better by avoiding and remedying common screw-ups.

Valuable secrets featured in Don’t Screw It Up! include:

  • How to quickly turn off the water so an overflowing toilet does not flood your bathroom;

  • The perfect burger can be made if you just leave the patty alone on the grill and don’t poke it;

  • Winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors is a matter of simple psychology;

  • The key to avoiding a hangover is to put water out for yourself before you start reveling;

  • And much more!

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